5 tips for buying Art online

The growth of Shopping online from the trusted e-commerce based platforms has changed the behavior of the consumers with most of them turning to online purchasing. This huge change has been seen in the art world, as many of the artists, art collectors, are switching from physical buying to online purchasing. This transition is taking place because of the art businesses turning to online stores, with several websites allowing the customers to search for different quality of artwork from around the globe in one place while relaxing at your home and getting your desired artwork delivered to your doorstep. Before buying any painting, photography, sculptures, or any form of art, it is important to know if it’s a reliable company, by checking the validity of the website, the online platform, the purity of the artwork, and more. This information will provide you with important tips to buy any form of artwork online. Here are some tips for purchasing any artwork online.

1)Do your research

Before buying any artwork online, do your research whether it’s a painting, sculpture, photograph, or any form of artwork you are interested in. Do check if that artwork is holding the same value, quality, or is it still precious in the present day as compared to the past because some artwork’s value doesn’t remain the same as it gets older. Do remember that your research will educate you better.

2)Check if it’s original or duplicates?

You can’t trust any seller easily as you don’t know whether the artwork is original or not. Beware of the spoilers, as they can sell you a fake product, they apply thick layers to the painting and even copy the signature of the artist to make it look the same. To know whether it’s original or not? you should compare the artwork of the artist, compare its signature, and do check the number of the print and date. Do ask for the Certificate of Authenticity as original work comes with such documents and is as important as the art itself. Doing your homework is a must before finalizing anything.

3)Who is the seller?

Mostly Dealers and Agents are the online sellers working as a middleman between the artist and the consumer while earning profit from the sales. To verify whether the seller should be trusted or not? check for how long he/she have been working in this field of business. Check his/her genuineness on the commitments.

4)Payment Security

Payment method is the main issue to be discussed as one doesn’t know whether it’s secure or not. Credit and debit card payments are the safest forms of payment if made through trusted platforms such as PayPal, Mastercard, and more.

5)Return policy

Before buying any artwork of your desired artist from any trusted website, it is necessary to know whether the vendor or the seller is providing the return policy. Make sure that they provide a clear and set period in which you can return the product.


Buying Artwork whether it’s Painting, Sculpture, Photography, or any form of art isn’t easy to purchase as there are many spoilers in the market, selling fake and duplicate products whether through discounts or by selling the artwork at the original price. To know whether you are about to buy the right Artwork, you should do your research thoroughly. Your homework can educate you well as nothing can be more reliable than your knowledge and research!