May 26, 2024


Passion For Business

Kochi-based PJJ Fruits to retail imported fruits

Kochi-based PJJ Fruits, which presently procures and sells fruits from across the place, is getting into the retail industry of imported fruits.

The business imports fruits from Italy, France, Spain, the US, China, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand, to cater to the burgeoning domestic industry in the Condition. These higher-top quality, non-toxic fruits are marketed in specifically-developed food stuff-grade containers.

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S Suhas, Ernakulam District Collector, will inaugurate the first revenue. The business has also designs to develop its existence in all the fourteen districts in the Condition by means of distinctive retail outlets, P J Jaison, Chairman, reported.

To guarantee top quality, he reported, fruits are selected from orchards that strictly adhere to top quality benchmarks stipulated not just by their nations but also by international marketplaces. Fruits brought to Kerala are stored in freezers equipped with unique higher-stop capabilities. The business has its personal logistics program to arrive at the fruits collected from the farms to customers in the shortest possible time, he reported.

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