July 17, 2024


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Leadership Skills Development-The Six Measures of Leadership Development

Leadership Skills Development-The Six Measures of Leadership Development

The wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated in value based business is extraordinary. All of the business is aligned and integrated with its Mission, Vision and Values. All of its systems, policies and processes are built on this strong foundation.

Leadership skills development is business based and in keeping with the small business plan. In this way, it demonstrates congruence with the world’s best practice. Successful business owners maintain excellence in everything that is done through building the pursuit of excellence into the very fabric of the business.

Individual effort, team effort, and businesses exhibit laser like focus and single mindedness in execution. Everything is integrated and aligned. Everything is subsumed to the belief system of the business, as spelled out in the foundational elements of Mission, Vision and Values.

Day-to-day activities and business initiatives deliver a return on leadership skills development, executive leadership training and business career building in the form of superior human resources and measurable results in improved customer outcomes.

Leadership skills development is a proven commodity. In today’s world, success in business can be measured in inches. You only have to compare the business that makes this investment in its people to one that doesn’t.

There are six key measures that demonstrate superior value.


When you invest in your people and show them that you value their effort, they go the extra mile. The value based business creates value in its people. Talent is attracted to a business that creates meaning and purpose for them. The business becomes a cause for them. The value based business attracts learners and energetic employees. This energy translates into action and positive results. The integrated and aligned business culture produces positive outcomes and exploits and enhances opportunities that increase productivity gains through every area of the business.

Outcomes Oriented

The business that invests in its people manages by objectives, projects and clearly defined goals that are spelled out in the small business plan and then cascade into team plans and individual work plans. The ethos is characterized by everyone taking personal responsibility, accountability, self-management and self-correcting action. These qualities of good leadership are worth their weight in gold. Non-performance is easily spotted and can be addressed quickly. The whole business and achieving its objectives are at the forefront of everyone’s mind in this kind of environment, and it exhibits itself in improved outcomes and financial results.

Raised Business Capacity Through Generating New Ideas

In the value based business, everyone is on a path of rapid learning. This is achieved by managing to objectives and completing projects. The ideas that bubble up within such an environment are astounding. Everyone is coming up with new ways of doing things because the evaluation of project progress and completion is continuous. Small, marginal improvements, insights from mistakes made and embryonic thoughts build into a new service development or product range. The value based business of today thrives on these new ideas, and even when they are rejected, it is on the basis of the overall integrated and aligned approach.


Employees in the value based business feel like they belong. They own the place; they own the brand. They are proud to be part of an exciting and vibrant business. This equity is demonstrated by the quality of conversations between people. Leadership in these kinds of environments is seen as a function of stepping up to the plate when something needs to be done and not about a position or title that someone holds. Leadership is a choice you make, not a position you carve out for yourself.

Practical Skills

Managing to objectives and delivering on projects teaches practical skills. From landing a new major contract, to orienting a new employee or a small marketing exercise, all have within them the capacity to build very practical skills in employees.

Dealing with people, logistics, marketing, sales, distribution, product development, leadership, management tasks, planning, customer relations, the list goes on and on – it’s endless.

In the value based business environment, practical skills development is a key measure.

Innovative Responses

The value based business environment is a hot-house of innovation. Innovation is simply the speed at which a new idea emerges to a deliverable product or service on the ground.

Successful businesses achieve this return on their investment leadership skills development faster than anyone else. The foundational platforms are in place; the return on investment is assured.

They are always thinking about the next thing. They are future-oriented, and they never allow themselves to rest on their laurels.