July 17, 2024


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MLM Attraction Marketing Should Be the Blood of Your MLM!

As far as your MLM company is concerned, they are not going to give you any training on marketing at all. However, what happens when your warm list runs dry? Where do you find more leads then? Marketing is THE BLOOD which keeps any business alive. Any business that is not including this in its operations in today’s business environment will find it extremely difficult to survive and possibly DIE!

The thing is that your MLM knows this. They don’t want to train you how to market because they know that your warm list is more likely to be a more loyal customer to them in the long term than a cold customer. They also choose to make money from you in other ways such as the trainings, massive hyped-up conferences and DVD sales. They’re not too phased whether you succeed or not. In fact, they actually expect 97% of people in their organisation to fail!! This isn’t bad or wrong – it’s just business. However, this is the REALITY of the network marketing industry.

You must stand apart from your MLM in other ways if you want to create a large residual income for yourself. If you are to take ANY business seriously, you must have some sort of marketing system in place. If you want to really be serious about creating a massive downline you will use the next evolution in marketing to your advantage and actually attract people to you, rather than you chasing them. This is what MLM Attraction Marketing is about, and it’s all about doing more than just what your MLM company is telling you.

You need to stand apart from your MLM and the crowd, and the Internet is what gives you the capabilities to do this. There are currently around one billion people that use the web and millions of these are people interested in network marketing and what you have to offer! You can be that leader that people want to work with. Those who understand this at the moment, and who are using this effectively are guaranteed to become (or are already) some of the top leaders in the MLM industry. These leaders are developing huge downlines at lightning speed. You can be one of them – if you choose.