September 28, 2023


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Petrol shortages: how panic buying is crippling Britain

Why is there a petrol shortage?

A lack of HGV drivers forced BP and Tesco to lower deliveries of gas and shut a tiny amount of petrol stations final week for the reason that they could not entirely source all internet sites.

This sparked fears of shortages amongst motorists and has led to lengthy queues exterior a lot of petrol stations.

In fact, there is no shortage of gas, but there are challenges transporting it owing to a lack of HGV drivers – a problem compounded by worry purchasing.

Edmund King, president of the AA, blamed worry purchasing fairly than source troubles for shortages over the weekend.

Why are some petrol stations closing?

Though there may not be a gas shortage amongst suppliers, the challenges transporting gas and the rush of worry purchasing has left a lot of pumps dry.

The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents almost 5,500 unbiased shops, says worry purchasing is leading to “really severe problems”, with close to two-thirds of its members reporting that they have sold out of gas and the relaxation of them “partly dry and running out soon”.

Which forecourts still have gas?

The greatest way to know if a petrol station near you is still open up is to verify on-line, with area information and social media furnishing updates on the busiest places.

Nonetheless, that is contributing to the problem, says the Petrol Retailers Association chairman, Brian Madderson.

“Disappointingly the messages I’m obtaining this early morning from our merchants are that worry purchasing does carry on,” he explained to the BBC. 

“A single of the factors for this is social media. As quickly as the tanker comes at a filling station folks on social media are advising that a tanker has arrived and it is like bees to a honeypot. Absolutely everyone flocks there and within a handful of hours it is out once again.”

Another tactic is to pick a petrol station that has released rationing. Though you’ll only be permitted to purchase a confined amount of gas, there is certainly a reduce possibility of empty pumps.

EG Group, which owns almost four hundred petrol stations, is implementing a £30 limit to make certain they can “have on running effortlessly”.

Meanwhile The Telegraph understands gas tankers are becoming diverted from small business fleets to forecourts in a move to mitigate the shortage.