May 30, 2024


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Reformed 13th Signal Regiment Designated As Dedicated Cyber Regiment

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“Cyber-attacks are just about every little bit as lethal as people confronted on the physical battlefield”

The United kingdom military’s thirteenth Signal Regiment, very first assembled 5 many years prior to WW2, has been reformed this 7 days into a focused cyber regiment tasked with defending the UK’s defence networks at home and aboard.

The device will help create a new Military Cyber Info Protection Operations Centre that will guard the Ministry of Defence’s cyber area. In the tradition of joint forces the army’s thirteenth Signal Regiment will work with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

The new iteration of the army device highlights the evolving battlefield in which contemporary armed forces are expected to conduct warfare. The weapons of war have undergone a extensive digitalisation, though at the similar time a new entrance in cyberspace has produced the require for specialised models.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace commented that: “Cyber-attacks are just about every little bit as lethal as people confronted on the physical battlefield, so we should prepare to defend ourselves from all people who would do us hurt and thirteenth Signal Regiment is a very important addition to that defence.”

thirteenth Signal Regiment

The thirteenth Signal Regiment’s was very first launched in 1934 as the 1st Special Wireless Group. For the duration of WW2 it was crucial in developing and pushing forward the United kingdom army’s use of wireless know-how and substantial frequency wireless radios.

In 1959 the device was renamed the thirteenth Signal Regiment and was lively for the duration of the cold war as it stationed operators in Berlin, it was subsequently disbanded in 1994 when its specialised abilities ended up no extended essential in a post-Berlin wall Germany.

The reformed thirteenth Signal Regiment is headquartered in Blandford, Dorset and will consist of a core team of 250 expert service females and men who hold an array of substantial-finish technical abilities.

Brigadier John Collyer, Commander 1st (United kingdom) Signal Brigade said: “The re-development of thirteenth Signal Regiment is an thrilling step forward as the Royal Signals, Military and wider Defence promptly drives up their potency and resilience in the details atmosphere and cyber area.

“The stakes are substantial and our accomplishment is increasingly and critically reliant on focusing our brightest men and females on to the opportunities and pitfalls that underpin our functions – both home and absent.”

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