May 30, 2023


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While information systems have opened up new business enterprise opportunities, they have also still left organizations uncovered to new threats. Scaled-down organizations in specific are often unwell-well prepared to protect towards cyberattacks. An EU-funded task has created new applications to assist enterprises, and by extension citizens, safeguard themselves improved and have made these offered on an uncomplicated-to-use system.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined, like never ever right before, the world-wide economy’s raising dependence on Details Technologies (IT). Businesses of all sizes and throughout all sectors rely on IT methods to conduct daily operations and interact with suppliers and shoppers.

This implies nevertheless that when cybersecurity incidents happen, important economic damage can be inflicted. Cyberattacks also undermine the belief of citizens and enterprises in our burgeoning digital culture.

“The on the web theft of professional trade techniques, business enterprise information and own facts, and the disruption of services – all these incidents end result in economic losses,” points out FORTIKA task coordinator Anastasios Drosou, senior researcher at the Centre for Research & Technological innovation Hellas (CERTH) in Greece. “The believed cost of cybercrime to the world-wide financial system was reported to be more than EUR 775 billion a calendar year. Cybersecurity threats can also have significant implications for citizens’ elementary rights, this sort of as privacy.”

Potent cybersecurity applications

The FORTIKA task was introduced with the particular intention of assisting modest and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to deal with this risk. Scaled-down enterprises tend to have restricted resources, and often absence in-property knowledge. “We know that the vulnerability of a firm to cyberattacks is inversely proportional to their sizing,” says Drosou. “SMEs are often poorly well prepared to protect themselves and their digital property, and to safeguard their clients’ facts and privacy.”

The task consortium set about developing applications precisely for SME demands. Cybersecurity services run by Synthetic Intelligence (AI) algorithms for illustration were created to have out risk identification and mitigation. The task also evaluated the authorized and ethical aspects of cybersecurity security and included these aspects into their proposed technological methods.

“The FORTIKA AI software for illustration ‘watches’ a company’s network, identifies any threats and initiates countermeasures if needed,” adds Drosou. “Services like this can be conveniently deployed by way of an cost-effective components system identified as the FORTIKA Gateway, which is installed by the SMEs themselves.”

A crucial gain of the Gateway system is that it implements a novel components-centered know-how acknowledged as ‘Edge Acceleration’. Edge Acceleration exploits Edge Computing (i.e. computing completed at or in close proximity to the resource of the facts), enabling SMEs to access significant levels of computing energy proficiently and affordably.

A Safety Details and Party Management (SIEM) ingredient has also been created. This customisable and remarkably interactive visible interface presents stop users a welcoming, conveniently understandable and extensive actual-time perspective of their property, stability standing and ongoing mitigation operations.

Cybersecurity market

An additional crucial success of the task has been the progress of an progressive system. The FORTIKA market, as it is identified as, offers SMEs access to innovations created the two within the task and by third get-togethers. This one-quit store allows organizations to look for for, decide on and download the cybersecurity methods they require. “An intention of the FORTIKA market is to orientate modest business enterprise users towards trustworthy cybersecurity services,” says Drosou.

“The market is not just a implies of eventually selling the cybersecurity applications that were created by the FORTIKA consortium. It is an open system, where a selection of cybersecurity services can be marketed to SMEs globally. By supplying SMEs access to significant-stage cybersecurity at reduced cost, and with nominal energy, they will then be ready to focus their restricted resources on their main operations and thrive.”

Strengthening the resilience of modest enterprises – which kind the backbone of Europe’s financial system – also implies offering some considerably-needed self-assurance at a time of world-wide uncertainty. The eventual commercialisation of FORTIKA’s proposed methods – and the start of the market – will also assist to build new employment opportunities in the European cybersecurity marketplace and investigate fields.