September 24, 2023


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Senior Residence and Luxury Old Age Homes – Myths vs. Realities


Human life has its various stages of growth that count from infancy to childhood, adolescence to adulthood, and finally, old age or the senile stage. Everyone needs to journey across these stages, but on the other hand, the behaviour, physical fitness, and attitude vary in the different stages. Over time, due to the emergence of urbanisation, modernisation, industrialisation and several other factors, the mindset of people changed. Several joint families got scattered. 

Everyone got busy with work and had no time left for their loved ones and parents. Therefore, their parents had to go and shift to old age homes where they were well taken care of their health and diet and provided a peaceful environment, just like the old age homes in Kochi and old age homes in Kottayam offer the same. While some children abandoned their parents, the other elderlies didn’t have a family. So they had to volunteer themselves to Non-governmental Organisations and governmental organisations, which rescued them and admitted them to old age homes. 

The list of old-age homes in Kerala is constantly providing the necessities and care. According to the customer reviews, Travancore foundation has topped the list providing the best old age homes. It is a non-profit organisation that works potentially to facilitate the growth of healthy communities that allows the elderly to explore new hobbies and experience life with extreme comfort and surrounded by all the necessities. 

People are adopting new lifestyles, and since time is changing, so is the mindset of the Indian society. Old age homes were a concept in western countries. But over time, India adopted it. We all know old age is an inevitable part of human life. And one needs care and affection. Previously, it was a place where old people stayed with people of the same age under the same roof. And the staffs were seen taking charge of feeding and providing medical care. Soon by time, these old age homes got advanced and resulted in luxury old age homes.

Some may argue it’s sad to see how children and grandchildren abandon their parents and grandparents. What they don’t realise is that we miserably fail to take proper care of our elders due to their chronic health issues and need for special consideration. Old age homes are like a blessing to them, which makes them feel safe and helps them to live a better life while making new friends. Yes, there are senior living homes, too, but in the long run, they do face issues in maintenance. 

Difference between senior living homes and luxury old age homes

Senior living homes:

Senior living residences or retirement homes are well-planned residential hubs built to meet senior citizens’ needs while giving them an outstanding quality of life. Here, one can pursue their passion and even acquire new skills.

Luxury old age homes: 

They are the advanced old age homes which provide all basic necessities, an ideal setting of living which just feels like home, is luxurious with all comfort, and is not at all dull; instead, they have all well-equipped technology and better medical facilities as well as hygiene. 

Myths vs Reality 

Myth 1: There is no security


Keeping security and safety in mind, many luxury old age homes provide 24*7 health care facilities and CCTV facilities. They are well prepared for emergency cases while in senior living homes; there are communities and CCTV facilities, but there can be a chance of absence of a nurse to take care. 

Myth 2: They are costly


Many people think old homes are costly, as are senior living homes, but it may vary due to the facilities provided. Compared to living at home. Senior living offers a community, so charges if seen, are reasonable, but luxury old age homes are better options as they have better facilities and staff all around. For an alternative, one can go for old age homes in Kochi. Since they are affordable, they provide all the facilities for food, recreation, and medical life. 

Myth 3: No recreational activities. 


There are different clubs and programs, including therapeutic exercises, yoga classes for wellness, and other indoor and outdoor activities organised well in an old age home. For instance, the old age homes in Kottayam provide opportunities for recreation that helps to spread joy and as an escape from a boring life. It even helps to get out of stress and live happily. In senior living homes, there are communities to organise the same. They have every necessary infrastructure: a games room, a yoga studio or a basketball court.

Myth 4: Meals are unappetising and lack senior-friendly infrastructure


The meals provided are well cooked and nutritious since health is the priority. The cooks are well trained and paid to cook good food. Dieticians are available to take care of the food chart in luxury old age homes. And the infrastructure is senior-friendly with well-ventilated rooms and is well furnished with other requirements just like a wheelchair. While in senior living homes, there is a community that caters to planning meals which are healthy too, but in the long run, it’s not that easy to maintain if the number of staff is not adequate. And housing units are independent and senior-friendly. 

Myth 5: Absence of interdisciplinary team. 


In luxury old age homes, there are experienced physicians, physiotherapists, social workers, activity specialists and pharmacists to take care and provide support. The senior citizen homes have facilities, too, but it’s a community; based at times, they lack to provide proper support at the right time. 


People who can afford luxury old age homes usually go for it the senior living homes as they are more senior-friendly, and by that time, there has been an increase in the number of luxury old age homes. In the list of old homes in Kerala, the Travancore foundation has been a pioneer and is doing great work in the field of caring for old people.

Some of the NRIs who can’t bring their parents along with them luxury old age homes are safe options where their parents have someone to take care of, and they live a happy life. At times even the conflict with the daughter-in-laws is a major point in shifting parents to old-age homes. And even the gap between the generations, since they’re not able to cope. These old age homes have served as a place of interaction where people of the same age group meet each other and share their sorrows and miseries and build up new relations. 

So, luxury old age homes successfully serve as a new home for the ones who had to leave their own houses due to irrespective reasons.