May 30, 2023


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Should you consider municipal bond funds?


Greg Davis: Paul, it’s fantastic to have you right here these days to talk to our purchasers about what is been going on in the municipal bond industry. You know, we’ve seen a really important amount of issue about liquidity circumstances in the market. Like to get your perspective on what you guys are observing as the head of the municipal bond group.

Paul Malloy: Sure. So what we’re observing is a really fast selling price adjustment just as we’ve seen in several other markets. And section of that in the municipal industry is thanks to the really rich stages we went into this at. And on the other facet is traders needing income for a variety of good reasons these as rebalancing into fairness portfolios. And you’ve bought some other shorter-phrase gamers in the municipal markets that are demanding liquidity. So what that has finished is place some strain on yields to go upward as traders are demanding liquidity into the item, but eventually this fast selling price adjustment is a good matter.

Greg: And when you believe about for prolonged-phrase traders, better yields should really be a good matter for these traders, right Paul?

Paul: Totally. So, to get the legitimate reward of the municipal asset class, you require to be a prolonged-phrase operator. It is all about creating tax-absolutely free money, and the only way you get to create that tax-absolutely free money over time is by holding it over time and seeking by means of any bits of selling price volatility. So you’ve bought a genuinely unique chance now to lock in some really superior yields tax-absolutely free money for the prolonged operate.

Greg: What’s your acquire on the Fed’s new credit score and liquidity amenities, what influence are you guys observing in phrases of the market…how are the markets responding to that?

Paul: Well, we applaud the Fed’s actions to hold money flowing by means of the procedure. You know the money industry liquidity facility, it was fantastic to have it expanded to include municipals so that it was taken care of just like every other money industry fund. It was thoroughly inclusive. The other credit score amenities that were introduced are supplying ancillary rewards that as these markets have firmed up, municipal markets are seeking really eye-catching when compared to a great deal of other fixed money asset classes. So, you are obtaining a great deal of cross-over potential buyers fascinated in the municipal room.

Greg: So, Paul, supplied the recent industry ecosystem, what advice would you give to purchasers thinking about or investing in munis at this point in time?

Paul: Yeah, I would say, believe about why you get into munis to commence with. It is bought genuinely very low historical default prices and you get tax-absolutely free money. So, right now, with yields where by they are, you have the skill to lock in some really good yields to get that tax-absolutely free money. You can make investments on a diversified foundation to take away even the smallest bit of default danger and keep it for the prolonged phrase.