October 2, 2023


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Tips For a Full Recovery after Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeons Share Their Best Tips and Tricks for a Speedy Recovery -  NewBeauty

The recovery period after your procedure is arguably the most crucial part of plastic surgery. How quickly your body heals and how the scars clear up are crucial to getting the best results from the procedure. But it’s often hard to know exactly how to recover in the most optimum way- here are the best tips for recovery after a plastic surgery procedure. 

  1. Don’t Strain Yourself

Rest is the key in order to recover to the best standard after a surgery. Don’t put strain on your scars or injury by doing any heavy lifting, and take breaks often in order to allow your body to heal to the best of its ability. Ask someone to do strenuous tasks for you so you aren’t injuring yourself and hindering your recovery. For example, don’t put strain on your stomach after abdominoplasty- for more information about the procedure, go to ‘tummy tuck in Manchester.’ 

  1. Optimise Your Health

Tailor your diet and health habits in order to optimise your recovery period. Increasing your vitamin intake will enhance your body’s natural immune system and make recovery after a surgery easier and even faster. Smoking, vaping and drinking alcohol can however slow down your body’s natural healing process, so make sure to stay away from these at least 4 weeks after your surgery.

  1. Consider getting some daily exercise

If your surgeon says it’s alright for you to do some light exercise, try taking a small daily walk- this could improve your circulation, reduce swelling and even speed up your recovery process. It may also improve your mental health if you’ve been spending a long time indoors resting! However don’t do too much and risk damaging your body- keep it light and don’t overdo it!

  1. Chill Out

Take this recovery period as an excuse to completely de-stress and chill out. Make sure you have some of your favourite relaxing activities on hand for you to do during your recovery period, such as reading, completing adult colouring books, or watching films. If you have to work, make sure you do not take on more than you can handle, or take on too many chores in the home. Stress can be bad for plastic surgery recovery as it can impact your immune system- take this time to fully relax and hasten your recovery!

  1. Make sure you go to your follow-up appointments

Your follow up appointment will be crucial for monitoring your progress and healing. Going to this appointment your surgeon can monitor your scarring and progression and be able to give you advice to help further your recovery, or help if anything seems wrong. Making sure you attend this follow up appointment is crucial for recovering, so you can get back to your day-to-day life. Find out more information about Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester.