May 26, 2024


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Bunq Travel Card

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Definitely, in the age of new technologies and virtual world, one of the main concerns and significant points for people is about financial management and banking services. Fortunately today we are facing many different options and platforms that are providing services for customers in this sphere. However in this short article we want to talk about Bunq and its services; we will discover the uniqueness of this platform among others. 

Bunq as New Idea 

In the middle of new ideas from different corners of the world, Bunq as one of the successful and not usual ideas came from the Netherland side. Bunq, shortly to say, stands as a developed bank and banking services that are offering cheaper services compared to the other traditional options. With this type of banking, customers can freely invest, spend and save their funds in any way that they want, also simply have control on their account by the Bunq’s specific mobile app. This platform is vice versa than traditional banks, not charging users for spending currency except euro; additionally clients can gain 3% bonuses for their transactions. Should be noted that Bunq provides travel cards that are Mastercards without any foreign fees. In this case it is very easy for users to check their balance, transactions, receiving and any activities by the online platform of Bunq. However the main point is what this Travel card is able to do for customers around the world.

Bunq Travel Card 

As mentioned above, Bunq Travel card is Mastercard without foreign fees, its mean company uses Mastercard exchange rate without adding any extra fees. Customers can top up their card by Bunq mobile app in online format or ask other users in Bunq to send them funds. Additionally there are no fees for foreign transactions however there is an available fee for withdrawal cash from ATMs for each time. What Bunq very insist on and want users know about it, is that the Travel Card in Credit Card not the Prepaid card; because still there are many places that are not accepting prepaid cards, however with Bunq Travel Card customers can feel comfortable and spend anywhere. Should be noted that the platform is allowing users to freeze their travel card anytime that they wish, also one of the most attractive ideas from Bunq is about saving CO2 and thinking about the environment. In this case, the cards are totally in metal quality, for each 100 euro automatically there will be plants and trees and also users will be able totally in online format to share their green activities and work together with different groups and parties in this term. 


Surely, the Bunq’s idea is something new and still need to improve and update; however these type of ideas can show that with Bunq users not just can easily manage their financial situations, also they will be able to help the environment and use the services that can not be compared with traditional banking services.