May 30, 2024


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Fire Extinguisher Systems For Your Business

All businesses have some risk of being damaged by a fire. Fires can start suddenly and unexpectedly from an open flame, dropped cigarette, fuel leak, explosion, arson, electrical malfunction, or lightning. Most businesses must have quality fire prevention and detection systems in place in order to meet city building codes. If this equipment is not regularly inspected and updated, however, your business could be affected by costly fire damage. Knowing the types of extinguisher systems and having your system regularly checked by a professional can help to minimize your risk of a potentially deadly incident.

Handheld Extinguishers

Handheld extinguishers are a minimal line of defense against a fire. They can be used against small, manageable fires that can be easily put out. If a worker sees a fire start on the spot, he or she can use a fire extinguisher to eliminate the problem immediately. However, if a blaze begins to spread outward or grow in height, all workers should evacuate the area. Extinguishers cannot be used effectively against large fires or rapidly spreading fires with an ample fuel source.

Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems, combined with fire doors and other fire prevention systems, can help to put out small fires or control large fires until the fire department arrives. By soaking the floors and walls, they can make it more difficult for fires to spread and give those inside more time to escape. Sprinkler systems are ideal for businesses and other non-residential buildings where people are commonly present. The only extinguishing agent is water so it is safe for human contact.

Dry Chemical Systems

Dry chemical extinguisher systems are more advanced than either handheld extinguishers or sprinkler systems. They can be installed and set to release a chemical extinguishing agent when smoke is detected. Dry chemical systems are ideal for warehouses and other areas where people are not frequently around. Depending on the agent used, the chemical could be toxic for humans and workers should avoid contact. This type of system works to smother a blaze and/or render its fuel source inert so that it is either extinguished or at least controlled until help arrives.

For More Information

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