May 26, 2024


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Kharif acreage jumps to 966 lha


Kharif planting is all established for a new document with sown location less than many crops together with big oilseeds and cotton exceeding the usual location. In accordance to kharif sowing information launched by Agriculture Ministry on Friday, a full of 966 lakh hectares (lh) were being planted until day, almost 10 for every cent extra than 878 lh sown in the corresponding week previous calendar year.

Although there is almost two months still left in the year, crops these as soyabean, cotton, maize and groundnut already surpassed the usual sown location. As against the designated location of 110 lh, soyabean is sown over 118 lh so significantly. In the same way, cotton has included 123.sixty four lh as against the usual location of 121 lh. The location sown in the exact same week previous calendar year was 118.seventy three lh.

At forty seven.29 lh, groundnut planting is almost forty four for every cent extra than 32.86 lh in the corresponding week in the previous kharif year. The usual location less than groundnut is 41.41 lh. Versus the assigned location of 74.seventy three lh, maize is planted over seventy five.88 lh already.



Impressive increase

There is a breathtaking 17 for every cent boost in rice planting much too. As compared to 274 lh planted in exact same week previous calendar year, the location less than rice so significantly is almost 322 lh. In the same way, there is a 4 for every cent boost in location less than pulses with moong exceeding its usual location and urad and arhar inching nearer to the respective usual spots. Full less than pulses so significantly is near to a hundred and twenty lh as against a hundred and fifteen lh planted in the exact same period of time previous calendar year.

The location less than coarse cereals is a hundred and sixty lh as compared to 155 lh exact same week previous calendar year, although the location less than sugarcane is marginally increased at 52 lh. Place as a whole gained millimetres of rainfall as against the usual 507.3 mm until Thursday. Cumulative drinking water storage in 123 reservoirs across the region monitored by the Central Water Commission is 108 for every cent of that in the corresponding week previous calendar year.