May 26, 2024


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Tea output in the Nilgiris down 4% in 2020

Tea production in The Nilgiris, the largest tea growing district in the South, had fallen 3.75 per cent in calendar 2020 over 2019.

December was a better month with favourable sunshine hours which increased the harvest despite a mild frost in Kundah zone.

Consequently, tea companies in The Nilgiris have informed the Tea Board that their production in December rose to 1.04 million kg (mkg) from 0.96 mkg in December 2019, marking a gain of 8.33 per cent.

Compared to the normal production of 0.90 mkg as measured by the five-year mean for the month, the output in December 2019 was 15.56 per cent more.

However, because of lower production in earlier months, the overall output in calendar 2020 dropped to 13.08 mkg from 13.59 mkg in 2019, marking a fall of 3.75 per cent.

Compared to the normal annual production of 14.43 mkg as measured by the five-year mean for the period, the output in 2020 was 9.55 per cent less.

All the agro zones reported a lower yield (output per hectare) than 2019 as also the normal level.

Adverse weather as also the impact of Covid-induced lockdown led to reduced output in 2020.