September 29, 2023


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Top trends in shared hosting today

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With businesses increasingly taking center stage, shared hosting has become a sought-after destination for starting a digital journey with a website. Due to the simplicity of its installation, shared hosting is not only easy to manage, but also to upgrade the plan if necessary. These aspects make it curious why people opt for shared hosting plans and what benefits they get.

This article focuses on the top 5 trends in shared hosting and what drives them with customers. 

1. Preferences of add-ons

In any market, if you can offer something unique and different, there is a good chance that you will outperform your competitors. This is also true for web hosting as a company if you can offer unique tools, features, and add-ons. Today, the technology that customers expect from the web is improving every day. Web hosting is no longer as simple as starting a server and saving files.

It is undeniable that the competition in the web hosting market is increasing. To make it a user, those who provide other builders today and give many alternative modules and other features. Some of them include an e-mail device, memory or bandwidth, SSL certificate, added for electronic transaction as SEO. Although the cost of hosting plans fluctuates, the explosive growth of websites shows that free plans may also be available in a few years. Only time can tell if this practice will be popular or not. 

2. Adequate security measures and regulations

The service provider supports secure protocols. In recent years, there has been a lot of data on electronic security breaches that have increased security for hosting providers.

Therefore, privacy policies are more important than website providers. You can provide powerful hosting solutions to protect your personal information. SSL certified security measures, SSL certificates and great security hosts. Privacy and security of domains is a key feature any web host can offer. This is an additional service that many hosts offer. At any instance a customer registers a domain name, their personal information is stored in a public WHOIS database. Privacy section protects personal customer information and hides it from the world. 

3. Green Hosting

Apart from the web developers managing all the servers, all the hardware does the important work and more. Thus, all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops and laptops get warm after their time. Therefore, the data in the data center must be controlled. However, this requires fast energy storage and generates large amounts of CO2.

Fortunately, web hosting companies are already investing in reducing carbon emissions. With green web hosting, the network actively participates in environmentally conscious initiatives to reduce the negative impact on the environment. For this they receive a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) or Carbon Offset Certificate (WORM). These developments demonstrate that host communities contribute to sustainable energy production. Companies that specialize in the production of sustainable energy and sell it to many companies. Proceeds will be used to fund the Green Energy Initiative. However, the VER indicates that the receiving company has reduced the amount of greenhouse gas specified in the certificate.

4. Price competition

Several pricing tiers with various features and options are available for web hosting. Web hosting typically has the most affordable cost. Nonetheless, administrators are given a set of instructions by the best features, web hosting service, and price. The annual CAGR for the shared hosting service, which accounts for 31.7% of the industry, is anticipated to be 10.3 between 2019 and 2025. (Berkaweb, 2020). Shared web hosting is less expensive and provides more performance and servers than cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. However, there are frequently explanations for the low cost, so website owners should exercise caution and confirm that the web host can meet all of their needs.

5. New sales

From new companies that appear, there will be users of a new market for other residence. One of them is the electronic business of getting more resources to share, but ever, began to proceed because dedicated people can be expensive than before. One goes for Fintech companies looking in clouds.


We trust that you now have a clear understanding of the forthcoming trends in shared hosting. I also hope you use these and consider the trends when making judgements. Ask us questions in the comments box below if you have any further inquiries, and we will respond to you satisfactorily.