September 24, 2023


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Women MBAs still lag behind men in salary and career progression

The male-dominated environment of organization has always been mirrored in the entire world of company education and learning. Even with many years of conversing about bettering equality in this sector, there are nevertheless disparities in the quantities of men and ladies admitted for MBAs, and in their career progress soon after leaving business enterprise university.

We can now observe how considerably development is being made, using data gathered for the FT world-wide MBA rankings. In advance of the 2022 rankings, printed on February 14, we have pulled collectively a snapshot of how women have fared, at small business college and outside of, applying information from the previous 15 yrs.

Each calendar year, our information will come from all those persons who concluded their programmes a few many years earlier, to assess various aspects of the study course they finished, as effectively as the uplift in their salaries and occupations the moment they have an MBA. Company faculties also offer data associated to school, enrolment and programme data.

Gender variety in universities

Because 2007, the percentage of females on the advisory boards for MBA programs has enhanced from 17 to 31 for each cent. The share of female school associates and feminine college students has also long gone up radically.

Line chart of The average percentage of MBA alumni, faculty and board members in a business school that identify as female showing Gender diversity is improving in business schools

In current yrs there has been a drive for company educational facilities to be far more dependable in conditions of educating — with a emphasis on objective instead than financial gain maximising — and to integrate sustainable advancement objectives (SDGs) into the enterprise education and learning tradition. A single of the SDGs is to achieve gender equality.

Gender spend hole

In the British isles a female earns 87p for each £1 a gentleman earns and globally the shell out gap is even larger sized. On regular it is estimated that a woman will make 77 cents for each and every greenback a guy makes. We needed to see no matter if the pay back hole was still substantial for MBA graduates, specified that they are pros who have greater entry to enterprise networks and career opportunities.

Line chart of The difference in median salaries, in US dollars, between male and female MBA alumni, by year showing The gender pay gap is decreasing over time but is still substantial

The percentage pay out hole for MBA alumni is 15 proportion details considerably less than the believed all over the world average of 23 per cent, regardless of the sizeable variance in genuine wage figures.

The median base wage of MBA alumni in rated schools three a long time just after graduation in 2007 was $109,209 for males and $92,000 for ladies. The distinction in pay out was $17,209, which equates to woman alumni earning 16 for each cent less than males.

The variation in pay by 2022 had lessened to $10,578, with males earning $137,000 and ladies $126,422, so women currently gain 8 for each cent much less than their male counterparts: the pay gap has been closing given that 2007.

Line chart of The average percentage increase of MBA alumni's salary, by gender  showing The salaries of female and male alumni are now increasing at a similar rate

In accordance to the graduates featured in the 2022 facts, just before their MBA the gender pay gap was at 10 for each cent, two percentage details a lot more than the gap 3 many years right after their enterprise faculty graduation. The pay out hole for alumni before their MBA in 2006 was at 11 per cent but rose to 16 per cent three yrs after the alumni had concluded their MBA.

The spend hole reduction right after completing an MBA programme in new years can be attributed to the improved foundation wage maximize that feminine alumni get — calculated from the time just before the programme right up until three years just after they complete the degree. The percentage salary improve of feminine alumni has been greater than their male counterparts in four out of the past 7 yrs (2016, 2017, 2020 and 2021).

These are the only several years because 2006 for the duration of which the salaries of feminine MBAs have improved at a bigger amount than these of gentlemen.

Gender leadership disparities

In every 12 months given that 2006, male MBA graduates have, on common, risen much much more rapidly, and to a lot more senior positions, than their female friends.

The seniority score is calculated by combining the sizing of the company an alumnus performs at with their placement in that firm. So the CEO of a company with 50,000+ workforce receives the optimum rating, whilst an unemployed alumnus gets the most affordable. The alter in seniority score is calculated by subtracting the seniority score of the human being ahead of their MBA from their put up-company university rating.

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Deficiency of gals in the finance sector

The break up of graduates in the most common employment sectors for MBAs was closely weighted to guys in 2006 and this has not improved. By 2022 we obtain alumni functioning across a much wider unfold of sectors, but adult men are nevertheless a large amount more probable to be performing in finance, consultancy or tech.

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Motivations are the exact same for guys and gals

Individuals’ motivations for setting up an MBA programme have not improved considering the fact that 2006: lots of want enhanced earnings and administration progress. The percentage of alumni who accomplish these aims soon after their MBA is also extremely large. The difference involving the sexes is compact in this respect.

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Although the variety of females in senior roles is escalating, there’s significantly a lot more operate to be performed. Gender equilibrium benefits everybody and organization schools should perform their portion.

*This report has been amended due to the fact 1st publication to replicate the simple fact that the increase in feminine illustration from 17 to 31 for every cent is on MBA advisory boards, not MBA classes